Learn how to put your languages to work

If you are fluent in English and another language, why not make your skills available to hospitals, the courts, Immigration and anywhere the need for accurate multilingual communication exists? The skills you learn at the Vancouver School of Interpreting can help you attain the accreditation and professional certification required for many interpreting jobs.

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We invite anyone interested in VANSIT to join us for a one-hour session. You’ll learn about the profession of interpreting and how VANSIT will prepare you for the workforce.

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Sorry friends – we were knocked out of action by the Covid 19 lockdown.

But we are working hard (in isolation) to move forward the addition of Zoom-based lectures and tutorials from January 2021 to September 2020. We have delivered our first Zoom lecture as session 1 of Police Interpreting listed below. Students in that course (you all know who you are) can now register for it.

We have been thinking of moving some of our courses online and keeping others in the class room. We clearly need a larger classroom and hope to have one sorted out for September.

We expect to resume full operations in September either with a mix of in-school and online courses – or all online if necessary.

Open for registration

It looks like we don't have any courses open for registration right now. Check the course calendar for upcoming registration dates.